Custom Cables, Custom Extenders, Custom Switches, Custom Cabinets, Custom Electronics

Audio, Video, Networking, Power and Data

We are a global cable manufacturing company with top capabilities for custom cables, custom extenders, custom switches, custom cabinets and other custom electronics; we serve the Audio, Video, Networking, Power, and Data markets with high quality products, designed and manufactured to meet and exceed customer’s specifications and requirements.

custom-cablesWe serve:

  • AV Installers (video cabling, power cables, optical audio converters)
  • System Integrators (power cables in a variety of types and colours)
  • OEMs (Built to Specs data cables)
  • Broadcasting (extremely long distance fiber optic HD video cables)
  • Corporates (Flash drives with company logo)
  • Hotels (in-room TV/games switchers)
  • Entertainment & Leisure industry (multi-screen video distribution units)

If you can’t find the part you need, or you require something different we will custom make a solution for you. Contact us today to request a Quick Quote for custom manufacturing services and more info.

Unparalleled Customer Support

We strive to provide you with unparalleled customer service whether it’s technical support for our products or designing and building your custom cables.

Your Cable Designs & Drawings

Working from your designs and drawings, we can accommodate a wide range of cable and wire preparation for both single and multi-core cables.

Rapid response

Our custom cable department will ensure a rapid response to your requirements. Our stringent quality control and inspection procedures maintain the highest product standards.

Custom Switches, Custom Extenders, Custom Cabinets

custom-cabinetAnd we can custom more than just cables:

  • Custom Switches
  • Custom Extenders
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Custom Electronics

Contact us for a solution, custom cables and electronics are our specialty. Over the years we supplied many types of custom cabling and interconnect products, such as custom audio cables, custom video cables, custom networking cables, custom data cables, and custom power cables.

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